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Why Join Carecone Consulting

Carecone Client Focus

Carecone Consulting has the strongest collection of experienced delivery professionals in Australia.

Carecone Consulting regularly delivers some of the most successful and complex programs in Australia.

Unlike most consulting companies, we have a very high proportion of senior to junior resources.

Carecone Consulting looks to assist our clients in their most critical programs, by providing key leadership roles to deliver these programs successfully.

Carecone Consulting is focussed on client satisfaction and will not put resources into roles unless all parties agree that the consultant has the prerequisite skills and experience needed to succeed in the role.

We give potential new clients our full list of assignments since incorporation in 2002 and allow them to select their own reference sites.

Carecone Consulting carries out regular, rigorous quality reviews of our consultants work to support and ensure high performance delivery.

Carecone Staff Focus

Carecone Consulting pays top quartile remuneration to our staff, strongly correlated with their delivery performance.

Carecone Consulting provides a training allowance for staff.

Carecone Consulting has twice yearly career development reviews with staff and offer mentoring and coaching sessions.

Carecone Consulting provides shared learning forums so we can build on the experience of some of our exceptional people.

Carecone Consulting provides material support for our people during difficult times as sometimes work is not the most important thing.

Carecone Consulting encourages flexible work arrangements between assignments.

Carecone Consulting organises team events to at times include the consultant’s families. This includes the Christmas party with the whole family invited to join us at a

Carecone Consulting regularly scores over 90% on both internal and external staff surveys on staff satisfaction around meeting our core values.