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About Carecone

Only providing the services to clients they required and ensuring that our consultants were not only the best in their field, but were suitable for the specific role. It is part of our ethos that we team closely with the clients in a transparent manner and drive their program to meet their business and financial needs.

Our clients trust us. Our first clients are still trusting us with their most important projects and programs.
Every client since inception is a reference site for Carecone Consulting. We believe this to be a unique success story and are happy to share our complete list of references.

We also wished to create an environment where top delivery professionals were provided with challenging work and were supported and rewarded in line with their achievements. To support this, we have a unique recruiting process that assists us in identifying the real achievers as opposed to the well-presented but less substantial resources.

Over 95% of our consultants are permanent resources.

Creating a direct alignment between client satisfaction and consultant appraisals has helped us drive the right outcome for our clients.

Declan’s and Carecone Consulting’s passion remains being a game changer for our clients and making their most complex and important projects and programs a success.

Our Principles

We follow a set of principles that are firmly engrained with the culture of Carecone Consulting and these are:

        • We hire resources because we believe in them, not because we have a specific role in mind. If we do not have a resource suitable for a specific role, we will inform the client of this rather than put forward a resource with a less than excellent fit for the role. We only hire and retain the top 10% of delivery professionals.
        • We are an organisation that focuses solely on delivering the program needs of our clients. We have particular skill and experience in leading large projects and programs.
        • Every client is a reference site and therefore we are committed to ensuring that we continue to deliver each program successfully, which means on time, to scope, to quality and within budget.
        • We are an independent company that has no formal or informal relationships or partnerships. This ensures that we can provide our clients with truly independent advice and also avoid any perception of bias.
        • We ensure consultant commitment through internal incentive schemes which are aligned with our clients expectations.We believe in the health of our consultants work/life balance. We ensure that resources are not overworked over long periods and we do not post resources outside of their City for postings longer than a week or two unless mutually agreed

Our Approach

      • We focus exclusively on the delivery of key programs for our blue chip clients. We work with the executives and delivery teams of these organisations to achieve their desired results.
      • We are generally assigned responsibility for program delivery and/or program office management, but we are also available to perform external program reviews where management may require additional assurance as to a current program structure, status or risk profile.
      • We focus on the underlying fundamentals of the program, the business objectives, how they can be delivered and the interrelationship and relative priorities between timing, scope, quality and cost.
      • We then define the path to success and over-communicate it. After commencement of the program, we undertake regular reviews of our destination and progress and subsequently fine-tune direction and speed until delivered.
      • Carecone Consulting recognises that whilst each client programs are different, a number of common disciplines can be applied. These disciplines includeThe alignment of all key stakeholders (management, vendors and program staff) into one team that has a common vision and path to success i.e.Teamwork.